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Opal Necklaces You Need To Have

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Opals are among the most beautiful and fascinating natural stones in the world. Their unique appearance makes opals highly desired in jewelry and necklaces in particular. We have picked a few opal necklaces that you need to have in your wardrobe. Discover the most loved opal necklaces from our list below.

The iridescent aesthetic of opals is not seen in other gemstones in the world. As the birthstone of October and the official 14th anniversary stone, opals have roots embedded deep in our history. Even in our changing, modern world, the desire for opals is perhaps more significant than ever.

Although opals are found all over the globe, Brazil, Mexico, the western US, Honduras, and Australia account for virtually all opals found today. While opals can be found in various colors, all precious opals share a similar opal-like play-of-color called opalescence. This pseudo-chromatic optical effect is what separates opals from other gemstones.

To help you find your new favorite opal necklace, we have gathered a list of a few gorgeous necklaces featuring an opal. So whether you’re looking for a simple piece that brings out the natural beauty of opals or a necklace that features an opal as part of the design, our list has you covered. Since the most expensive opals carry a price tag of thousands of dollars, we focused on more affordable options. All of our picks are guaranteed to elevate your looks to the next level setting you back too much financially.

FANCIME Birthstone Necklaces for Women

Birthstone Necklaces


Love provides strength and courage for us to keep our life continue. We design a heart pendant to express love. The left side of the heart is inlaid with simulated diamond, makes the pendant unique and sparkling. Minimalist design stands for the pure and simple of your love.

CiNily Opal Pendant Necklace for Women 

Opal Pendant Necklace


In the Middle Ages, opal was considered a stone that could provide luck GREAT LUCK because it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in the color spectrum of the opal. it means the Lucky,hope,purity and happiness.Send the opal jewelry gift to your lover,which will bring them good luck.

CUOKA MIRACLE Opal Lotus Necklace

Lotus Necklace


Lotus symbolizes purity, grace, and innocence. Lotus comes from dirt yet show beauty, blooming above the water and basking in the sunlight. This opal lotus necklace is suitable for daily wearing.

YUNKAI Sterling Silver Opal Necklace for Women

Opal Necklace


YUNKAI handmade white opal necklace is as moonlight sparkles dreams before our way. We design a pear cut opal pendant with solid 925 sterling silver and high-quality 14k white gold plating. The secure prong setting holds the opal gem in place and does not fall off easily.

Opal Moonstone Pendant Necklace for Women



The unique teardrop shaped necklace has a fashion minimalist jewelry design, inlaid with opal that symbolize good luck, opal pendants jewelry shows elegant and lovely temperament and makes you shine.

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